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Graduate Degree - Energy Environment : Science Technology & Management


A global consensus on the urgency to enact measures to mitigate climate change has emerged in recent years, culminating in December 2015 with the Paris Agreement at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21). 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, global climate deal to limit to 2°C the rise in global temperatures. The agreement also states its aim of limiting the increase to 1.5°C, which would significantly reduce the risk of climate change for ecosystems and human populations. The future of energy production, and particularly renewable energy generation capacities, lies at the heart of efforts to reach these new goals.

The transformation in energy production is generally known as the “energy transition”. This shift away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable alternatives has become not only a political and environmental imperative, but also an economic one. The technologies and business models of this changing energy landscape call for increasingly sophisticated expertise.

Even if several renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass,  hydro and marine power) are highly promising, there are still challenges involved with managing their intermittency and making accurate, reliable power generation forecasts. This, in turn, makes it difficult to determine their financial viability.

Finally, the capacity to manage environmental resources and to study the interactions between the geophysical environment, energy production and consumption will continue to grow more important. Corporations, research teams and public bodies alike will need experts that combine cutting-edge technical know-how, a complete understanding of the interactions between energy and the environment and a strong entrepreneurial streak to carry projects forward in this new landscape.

This is precisely the kind of rich, multidisciplinary training for which École Polytechnique is world-renowned. Treating energy and the environment as two equal parts that will determine our climate future, the Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM) Graduate Degree provides a sophisticated understanding of energy in the 21st century. Based on a foundation of engineering and applied sciences training, the STEEM program offers graduates the tools to understand the socioeconomic context of climate change and to master the evolutions of our relationship with energy. 


The Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM) graduate degree program fosters real-world technical expertise at the intersection between environmental issues and the future of energy. In Ecole Polytechnique’s grand tradition of multidisciplinary education, this professionally-oriented program provides in-depth understanding of the scientific, economic and industrial context of renewable energy and the environment.

The STEEM program combines management experience with first-class engineering and scientific training, making our graduates highly sought after. The numerous industrial and research partnerships within this degree program ensure students will be suited to meet the 21st century’s energy and environmental challenges within a variety of sectors including industry, start-ups and public organizations. For photovoltaics you will take advantage of the new world major R&D institute IPVF close to the campus.


Courses include high-level scientific master classes taught by faculty from Ecole Polytechnique and our partner school ENSTA. The management component of coursework is taught by faculty from our partner HEC Paris, ranked by the Financial Times as the #2 business school in Europe. Students will also participate in company visits where leading figures from industry, research and regulatory bodies will provide further insight into the energy and environment landscape.

domaines d'enseignement

Mécanique, Physique, Mathématiques appliquées, Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat, Langues, Humanité et sciences sociales.


Comprising high-value industrial partnerships, internships and international academic exchanges, the Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM) Graduate Degree is designed to ensure you are ready for a new professional world upon graduation.

As evidenced by the considerable amount of industry support for this degree, the skills you will acquire are increasingly in high demand across corporate, research and public sectors. The COP21 alone resulted in commitments from 195 countries to submit an assessment of their renewable energy capacities, along with a timeline for their transition to a low-carbon or carbon-free society.

Our graduates will be ideally suited to meet the needs for both technical know-how and managerial expertise to implement energy and environmental policies for leading manufacturers, innovative start-ups and public organizations.

During the two-year program, you will have a wide range of opportunities to build relationships with École Polytechnique’s local and international industrial and research partners. The management skills you acquire will be a significant asset in your career progression.


The STEEM program is also a gateway to a research career, with our proximity to numerous research institutions providing an ideal platform to pursue a PhD with funding from our industrial or academic partners.

For the internationally focused, the perspectives offered by the STEEM Graduate Degree naturally carry over to career opportunities around the world. Our international partnerships in energy, environment, industry and research sectors provide you with the perfect platform from which to launch your global career.


Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
BIO653 Nature-based Solutions to Substitute Fossil Resources and... PA - C8 Bernard Drévillon,
Benoît Gabrielle
CHI661C Chemical Storage of Energy PA - C6 Didier Dalmazzone
CHI661L Renewable Thermal Energy PA - C8 Didier Dalmazzone
ECO567A Energy Economics with a Geography Focus PA - C8 Geoffrey Masters Barrows
ECO569 Environmental Economics 2 PA - C5B Emeline Bezin,
Katrin Millock
ECO663 The Economics of Energy and Sustainable Development PA - C8 Yannick Perez
English English PA - C8
French Français PA - C8
HFC550 Science and Technology Studies PA - C8 Fabrizio Li Vigni
HFC551 The Myth of Paris (1830-Present) PA - C8 Antoine Guibal
HFC552 Aspects of Comparative Commercial Law PA - C8 Sabine Sultan
HFC553 Multicultural France PA - C8 Sarah Bouttier
HFC554 Introduction to French literature PA - C8 Joanne Brueton
HFC555 Economic Sociology PA - C8 Olivier Pilmis
HFC556 Introduction to French Politics PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC557 Sociology of energy transitions: innovation, socio-techni... PA - C8 Claire Le Renard
HFC558 Sociology of Gender and Work PA - C8 Marie Des Neiges Léonard
HFC560 Paris in the Jazz Age PA - C8 Antoine Guibal
HFC560B Science and Technology Studies PA - C8 Fabrizio Li Vigni
HFC561 Introduction to French Cinema PA - C8 Isabelle Schaffner
HFC562 Introduction to French Music PA - C8 Chantal Schütz
HFC563 X-citing the spark PA - C8 Sarah Bouttier
HFC564 Introduction to French literature PA - C8 Joanne Brueton
HFC566 Introduction to French Politics PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC566B Introduction to French politics (Advanced) PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC567 Corporate Sustainability: How ethics & responsibility are... PA - C8 Alice Steenland
HFC567B Geopolitics PA - C8 Elsa SEN
HFC568 Sociology of Gender and Work PA - C8 Marie Des Neiges Léonard
HFC569 Philosophy of Science Fiction PA - C8 Jonathan Degenève
INF569 Decision theory, with applications to energy systems PA - C1 UE d'approfondissement. Claudia D'Ambrosio
LAN451JAP Japonais niveau Intermédiaire B1B2 Langues Yuka Kito-Neubronner
LGD01ANG Cultural Agility Langues Julie Mc Donald,
Chantal Schütz
LGD01ESP Actualidad en el mundo hispanico Langues Cristina Marinas,
Jean-Baptiste Thomas
LGD01FLE Langue française et civilisation (A1) Langues Julie André,
Christine Le Saux
LGD02ANG Scientific Writing Langues Divya Madhavan,
Chantal Schütz
LGD02ESP Espagnol Débutant - MSc&T Langues Cristina Marinas,
Tania Romero Barrios
LGD02FLE Langue française et civilisation (A2) Langues Julie André,
Pascale Ribardière
LGD03ANG Human Beans Langues Meghann Cassidy,
Chantal Schütz
LGD03FLE Langue française et civilisation (B1) Langues Julie André,
Olivier Crepellière
LGD04FLE Langue française et civilisation (C1/C2) Langues Julie André,
Antoine Guibal
MAP502 Refresher Course in Math and a Project on Numerical Model... PA - C1B Thomas Wick
MAP502T Refresher Course in Math and a Project on Numerical Model... Tutorat
MEC558 Continental Hydrology and Water Resources Cours scientifique Jérôme Fortin
MEC559 Mechanics for Wind Energy, an introduction PA - C2B Riwal Plougonven
MEC561B Fluid-structure interactions PA - C6B Emmanuel de Langre
MEC565 Meteorology and Environment PA - C2B Thomas Dubos
MEC583 Projects on Solar and Wind Energy: Resource and Performan... PA - C7 Jordi Badosa,
Riwal Plougonven
MEC652F Wind Power PA - C8
MEC655B Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Challenges and Observations PA - C8 Cyril Crevoisier
MEC655C Introduction to Atmospheric Composition: from Processes t... PA - C3B Sylvain Mailler
MEC662 Hydro, Wind and Marine Resources PA - C6 Alexandre Stegner
MEC665 Sea States, Wave Propagation, and Ocean Wave Energy PA - C8
MEC666 Climate Change and Energy Transition PA - C8 Philippe Drobinski
MIE559 Energy Industry Value Chain PA - C8 Jean-Michel Gauthier
MIE564B Technology-based entrepreneurship and new business creation PA - C8 Anna Souakri
MIE568 Sustainable development and systemic transition PA - C8 Cécile Chamaret
MIE569 Sustainable Strategy and Business Models PA - C3B Cécile Chamaret,
Benjamin Lehiany
MIE609 A Collective Management Project PA - C8 Jean-Michel Gauthier
MIE669 Designing Projects and Managing Operations in the Energy ... PA - C8 Jean-Michel Gauthier
PHY530 Refresher Course in Physics PA - C8 Claude Basdevant
PHY555 Energy and Environment PA - C6 Mathieu De Naurois,
Michel Gonin
PHY555T Energy and Environment - Tutorat Tutorat
PHY556 Python for Beginners PA - C8 Tanguy Levent
PHY558B Physics and Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices PA - C4B Erik Johnson
PHY558BT Physics and Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices - Tutorat Tutorat
PHY559B Power Electrical Engineering for Renewable Energy PA - C3B Yvan Bonnassieux,
Martin Hennebel
PHY563 Material Science for Energy Conversion and Storage PA - C4B Jean-François Guillemoles
PHY585 Experimental Work in Environmental Physics PA - C7 Séréna Bastiani-Ceccotti
PHY589 Laboratory Course in Photovoltaics PA - C7 Pere Roca I Cabarrocas,
Jean-Charles Vanel
PHY598 Internship for Energy Environment Stages Claude Basdevant,
Yvan Bonnassieux,
Bernard Drévillon
PHY630 Physics Refresher Course PA - C8 Bernard Drévillon
PHY652B Organic-based materials for the 3rd generation of solar c... PA - C7 Gael Zucchi
PHY657 Modeling the energy and climate transitions PA - C6B Jean-François Guillemoles
PHY661A Thin-Film Photovoltaics (PV II) PA - C3 Pere Roca I Cabarrocas
PHY661B Photovoltaic Technologies in Industry (PV Ind) PA - C8 Erik Johnson
PHY661I Smart Grid for Renewable Energy PA - C8 Jordi Badosa,
Yvan Bonnassieux
PHY661K Advanced Experimental Smart Grid PA - C8 Jordi Badosa,
Yvan Bonnassieux
PHY698 Internship for Energy Environment II Stages Claude Basdevant,
Yvan Bonnassieux,
Bernard Drévillon
SPO501 Sports - 501 Sport Renan Cuzon,
François Lésin,
Alexandre Rosinski,
Alain Truong Thang Dang
SPO502 Sports - 502 Sport Renan Cuzon,
François Lésin,
Alexandre Rosinski,
Alain Truong Thang Dang
SPO601 Sports - 601 Sport Renan Cuzon,
Alexandre Rosinski,
Alain Truong Thang Dang
SPO602 Sports - 602 Sport Renan Cuzon,
François Lésin,
Alexandre Rosinski,
Alain Truong Thang Dang
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