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Parcours thématique - SEF : Stratégie d'entreprise et finance

Domaine > Mathématiques appliquées, Informatique, Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat, Economie.


TheSEFoffersaone-yearprogramwhich treats the questions of strategy of firms and finance, putting accents on quantitative methods and data management. The program emphasizes the quantitativeaspectsinMicroeconomics,Business Analytics, Finance, Applied Econometrics and Data Management, so that students are expected to acquire skills inbusiness with a mindset based on solidunderstan- dings in microeconomic theory. Three mainfieldsstudiedinthisprogramare

(i) applied microeconomics, (ii) finance, and (iii) applied econometrics and data management. Although various courses are based on case studies, applicationsin realexamplesanddataanalysis,themain focusoftheprogramwillbeonscientific studies aimed to engineers, and thus the providedcourseswillusestrongscientific methodologies. The students are expec- ted to acquire skills to be able to make economicdecisions,asmanagersordeci- sion makers in private or public sectors. Courses (mandatory and optional) are provided in a variety of fields including: Applied Microeconomics, Applied Eco- nometrics, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Big Data Management, Opera- tional Research, Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics, and more. Theprogramisaimedtothestudentswho expecttodeveloptheircareer(i)inprivate sector, such as bank, finance, insurance, consulting, (ii) in public sector, such as economic administration, regulation agency, and international organization, or (iii) as anentrepreneur.

All courses of SEF are given in English.


Fourth-year opportunities

In France

Corps del’État


Master2atÉcolePolytechnique,(Écomics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance) Metroeconomics for Smart Cities: expected to be open inSeptember2018).

Economie du développement durable del’énergieetdel’environnement(with X, EHESS, Agroparistech, Mines, INSTN, IFP School, PontsParisTech).

Projet, innovation, conception(MIXT, avec HEC, Mines ParisTech, Paris Dauphine).



Master in Business Analytics, Economics, Finance, Public Administration, TechnologyandManagement,Interna- tional Affairs, OperationsResearch.


Career prospects

TheSEFprogramisaimedtothestudents who expect to develop their career as an expert in business or finance,consultant, orentrepreneur.Thefollowingsectorsare the examples in careerprospects:

Bank, finance,insurance.


Consulting in businessstrategies.




Composition du parcours

  • ECO511,
  • ECO552,
  • ECO556,
  • ECO562,
  • ECO572,
  • ECO580,
  • ECO582,
  • ECO583,
  • ECO588,
  • ECO591,
  • ECO592,
  • ECO593,
  • ECO652,
  • ECO662,
  • MAP557

Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
ECO511 Applied Economics Projects PA - C8 UE de projet. Geoffrey Masters Barrows,
Alessandro Riboni
ECO552 Econometrics I PA - C8 Marie-Laure Allain,
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille,
Germain Gauthier,
Thierry Kamionka,
Laura Recuero Virto
ECO556 Industrial Organization PA - C7 Marie-Laure Allain,
Geoffrey Masters Barrows
ECO562 Econometrics II PA - CK Christian Belzil,
Arne Uhlendorff
ECO572 Environmental economics PA - C6B UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. Marie-Laure Allain,
Fanny Henriet
ECO580 Competition Policy PA - C5B UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. Marie-Laure Allain,
David Sévy,
Romain de Nijs
ECO582 Financial Decisions under Risk 2 PA - C2B UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. Marie-Laure Allain,
Nina Amini,
Ban Zheng
ECO583 Business Economics PA - C4B UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. Marie-Laure Allain,
Philippe Février
ECO588 Digital Economics PA - C5B UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. Marie-Laure Allain,
Marc Bourreau
ECO591 Research Project or Internship at a Company Stages Thierry Kamionka,
Benoit Schmutz
ECO592 Economie internationale et politique économique PA - C9 Isabelle Mejean
ECO593 Banque - Finance PA - C9 Pierre Picard
ECO652 Valuation of Start-ups PA - C5B Marie-Laure Allain,
Xavier Lazarus
ECO662 Supply Chains PA - C8 Marie-Laure Allain,
Guy Meunier
MAP557 Recherche opérationnelle : aspects mathématiques et appli... PA - C6 Stéphane Gaubert
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