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Etape de composition - GD-AIAVC-S3 : GD AIAVC - Semestre 3

Composition du parcours

  • HFC550,
  • HFC557,
  • HFC566B,
  • HFC567,
  • INF630,
  • INF631,
  • INF632,
  • INF633,
  • INF634,
  • MAP630,
  • MAP631,
  • SPO601

Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
HFC550 Science and Technology Studies PA - C8 Fabrizio Li Vigni
HFC557 Sociology of energy transitions: innovation, socio-techni... PA - C8 Claire Le Renard
HFC566B Introduction to French politics (Advanced) PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC567 Corporate Sustainability: How ethics & responsibility are... PA - C8 Alice Steenland
INF630 Refresher Course in Computer Science PA - C8 Pooran Memari,
Damien Rohmer
INF631 Data Analysis: Geometry and Topology in Arbitrary Dimensions PA - C8 Steve Oudot
INF632 Natural Language and Speech Processing PA - C8
INF633 Advanced 3D Graphics PA - C8 UE de spécialité. 24 Marie-Paule Cani
INF634 Computer Vision PA - C8 Renaud Keriven
MAP630 Refreshers Course in Statistics PA - C8 Pierre Latouche
MAP631 Deep Learning PA - C8 Jesse Read,
Erwan Scornet
SPO601 Sports - 601 Sport Renan Cuzon,
Alexandre Rosinski,
Alain Truong Thang Dang
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