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Etape de composition - GD-STEEM-S2 : GD STEEM - Semestre 2

Composition du parcours

  • ECO569,
  • HFC560,
  • HFC560B,
  • HFC561,
  • HFC562,
  • HFC563,
  • HFC564,
  • HFC566,
  • HFC566B,
  • HFC567,
  • HFC567B,
  • HFC568,
  • HFC569,
  • INF569,
  • MEC561B,
  • MEC565,
  • MEC583,
  • MEC662,
  • MIE564B,
  • MIE568,
  • MIE569,
  • PHY563,
  • PHY585,
  • PHY589,
  • SPO502

Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
ECO569 Environmental Economics 2 PA - C5B Emeline Bezin,
Katrin Millock
HFC560 Paris in the Jazz Age PA - C8 Antoine Guibal
HFC560B Science and Technology Studies PA - C8 Fabrizio Li Vigni
HFC561 Introduction to French Cinema PA - C8 Isabelle Schaffner
HFC562 Introduction to French Music PA - C8 Chantal Schütz
HFC563 X-citing the spark PA - C8 Sarah Bouttier
HFC564 Introduction to French literature PA - C8 Joanne Brueton
HFC566 Introduction to French Politics PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC566B Introduction to French politics (Advanced) PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC567 Corporate Sustainability: How ethics & responsibility are... PA - C8 Alice Steenland
HFC567B Geopolitics PA - C8 Elsa SEN
HFC568 Sociology of Gender and Work PA - C8 Marie Des Neiges Léonard
HFC569 Philosophy of Science Fiction PA - C8 Jonathan Degenève
INF569 Decision theory, with applications to energy systems PA - C1 UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. Claudia D'Ambrosio
MEC561B Fluid-structure interactions PA - C6B Emmanuel de Langre
MEC565 Meteorology and Environment PA - C2B Thomas Dubos
MEC583 Projects on Solar and Wind Energy: Resource and Performan... PA - C7 UE d'approfondissement. Jordi Badosa,
Riwal Plougonven
MEC662 Hydro, Wind and Marine Resources PA - C6 Alexandre Stegner
MIE564B Technology-based entrepreneurship and new business creation PA - C8 Anna Souakri
MIE568 Sustainable development and systemic transition PA - C8 Cécile Chamaret
MIE569 Sustainable Strategy and Business Models PA - C3B Cécile Chamaret,
Benjamin Lehiany
PHY563 Material Science for Energy Conversion and Storage PA - C4B Jean-François Guillemoles
PHY585 Experimental Work in Environmental Physics PA - C7 UE d'approfondissement. Séréna Bastiani-Ceccotti
PHY589 Laboratory Course in Photovoltaics PA - C7 UE d'approfondissement. Pere Roca I Cabarrocas,
Jean-Charles Vanel
SPO502 Sports - 502 Sport Renan Cuzon,
François Lésin,
Alexandre Rosinski,
Alain Truong Thang Dang
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