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PA - C8 - ECO662 : Supply Chains

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Managing Global Value Chains

The traditional vision of one firm producing one good in one country is outdated. Today, a single finished product often results from manufacturing and assembly in multiple countries, with each step in the process adding value to the end product.Thanks to reduced costs of communication and transportation and other barriers to trade, supply chains have been sliced up and re-allocated across multiple countries. The objective of the course is to analyze the structure of ``global value chains’’, the influence of the economic environment and consider the implications for firms and policy makers.


The course uses a mix of lectures, class discussions and case studies.


  1. Introduction. The rise of global value chains
  2. Modularity and the slicing up of the value chain
  3. Comparative advantage & resource endowments
  4. Institutions as a source of comparative advantage
  5. Influence of Trade policies
  6. Profit taxation  
  7. ``Race to the Bottom’’ in environmental and labour regulation
  8. Re-shoring, Global vs Regional Value Chains
  9. E-commerce and GVC

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