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PA - C3B - ECO564 : Economics of Energy Sectors

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ECO564: Course objectives
This course is designed to complement a cursus on energy with a toolbox of economic theoretical frameworks and pratical cases relevent to better understand
the economic dimensions of decision making processes in the energy sectors.
More precisely, at the end of the course, each student should :
• know sound basis from selected theoretical frameworks such as microeconomics, institutional or behavioural economics, either as a reminder or
as an introduction for further investigations depending on the student
• know ordres of magnitudes of key economic facts, statistics and results
from public studies to be able to challenge assumptions or results from
a new study, e.g. a public report, an academic study or a form of business
• be able to apply and understand the limits of pratical economic tools
used in decision processes, e.g. quantitative indicators used to guide investment decision, concentration indicators used in competition law enforcement or multi-criteria approaches,
• be able to address case-studies inspired from real cases with an economic
• have performed trading and operation of a utility portfolio on a power
market simulator designed for teaching application.


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