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PA - C1 - PHY559A : Conception de circuits intégrés numériques et analogiques

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Digital and analog microelectronics is one of the most fascinating scientific and technological adventures of the past 60 years. The path traveled is great from the first transistor of centimeter size in the late 1940s to the massively parallel current processors containing on 1cm² more than 5 billion transistors.

This course aims to provide a comprehensive approach to current and future methodologies and technologies for digital and analog IC designs.

More specifically, the themes addressed will be:

  • MOS transistors operation and modelization
  • introduction to analog microelectronics : elementary transistor circuits. Speed and Noise

  • Amplifiers and sensors readout
  • introduction to digital electronics.  Combinatorial and sequential logic

  • Analog and digital filtering. Analog to Digital conversion
  • TP electrical simulation (SPICE)

Niveau requis : No specific Background
Modalités d'évaluation :  3h writing exams 
Langue du cours : (lectures) English, (Exercises time) French/English
Credits ECTS : 4

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