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PA - C5B - ECO580 : Competition Policy

Domaine > Economie.


Teachers: David Sevy (dsevy@compasslexecon.com) and Romain de Nijs (romain.de-nijs@polytechnique.edu)


Overview: The course gives an overview of the economic concepts, theoretical approaches and quantitative methods used in the main areas of competition policy: restrictive agreements, abuse of dominance and merger control. The aim of the course is to demonstrate how the economic approach can contribute to the application of competition law. The course focuses on competition policy applications in French and European cases, but it can also be useful to theory-oriented economists interested in real markets or for students who want see a legal field where microeconomic principles are applied.


  1. Introduction to the theoretical and institutional framework of competition policy 
  2. Market power and relevant market 
  3. Abuse of dominant position 1
  4. Merger control 1
  5. Cartel and information exchanges 
  6. Merger control 2 
  7. Abuse of dominant position 2 (high-tech sectors) 
  8. Vertical restraints              
  9. New frontiers of competition policy (big data, privacy …) 


Grade: The grade is based on an oral presentation and a short note on the economics of a French or European case (team of 2 or 3 students).  

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