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PA - C5B - MIE567 : Corporate Finance for the Entrepreneur (P2)

Domaine > Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat.




This course is a general introduction to financial accounting, corporate finance and performance management. The objective is to explain both some key concepts of these areas and some ways to implement them. On these topics, a special focus is put on issues for aspiring entrepreneurs willing to launch a new venture. The course cannot cover all the facets of these topics but it is aimed at giving students the capacity to structure their reasoning and ask the good questions to potential partners like financial accountants, venture capitalists, bankers, etc.


Main topics covered:

    principles of financial accounting

    understanding the key financial stratements (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement…)

    principles of short and long-term corporate financing

    key players of corporate financing (banks, venture capital / private equity…)

    entrepreneurial financing methods

    shareholder agreements

    valuation technics and exit strategies

    links between strategy and control

    role of business planning

    costs and revenues analysis

    building a performance management system (key performance indicators, scorecard, ESG criteria…)


At the end of this course, students should be able to read and understand the financial statements of a company, analyze its balance sheet in a financing perspective, evaluate its performance, understand its strategy and build a performance management system to run it.



Pedagogical approach:


    presentation of key concepts by the teachers

    case studies




Continuous evaluation: each instructor will organize the evaluation of his part of the course i.e. three sessions of examination along the term

Langue du cours : English

Credits ECTS : 4

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