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Etape de composition - GD-STEEM-S1 : GD STEEM - Semestre 1

Composition du parcours

  • HFC551,
  • HFC552,
  • HFC553,
  • HFC555,
  • HFC556,
  • HFC557,
  • HFC558,
  • MAP502,
  • MEC558,
  • MEC559,
  • MIE559,
  • PHY530,
  • PHY555,
  • PHY558B,
  • PHY559B

Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
HFC551 The Myth of Paris (1830-Present) PA - C8 Isabelle Schaffner
HFC552 Aspects of Comparative Commercial Law PA - C8 Sabine Sultan
HFC553 Topics in Science, Technology, and Society PA - C8 Luis Felipe Murillo
HFC555 Economic Sociology PA - C8 Olivier Pilmis
HFC556 Introduction to French Politics PA - C8 Pierre-Marc Renaudeau
HFC557 Introduction to Political Philosophy: Philosophy of Work PA - C8 Maël Pégny
HFC558 EU Governance and Policies: Focus on Research and Innovat... PA - C8 Lilian Cadet
MAP502 Refresher Course in Math and a Project on Numerical Model... PA - C1B Thomas Wick
MEC558 Continental Hydrology and Water Resources PA - C5B' Jérôme Fortin
MEC559 Mechanics for Wind Energy PA - C2B Riwal Plougonven
MIE559 Energy Industry Value Chain PA - C7 Jean-Michel Gauthier
PHY530 Refresher Course in Physics PA - C8 Claude Basdevant
PHY555 Energy and Environment PA - C6 Mathieu De Naurois,
Michel Gonin
PHY558B Photovoltaics: Solar Energy PA - C4B Erik Johnson
PHY559B Power Electrical Engineering for Renewable Energy PA - C3B Yvan Bonnassieux,
Martin Hennebel
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