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Master - Renewable Energy, Science and Technology


Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Credit Ects Volume horaire Responsables Periode de programmation Site pédagogique
BIO653 Nature-based Solutions to Substitute Fossil Resources and... PA - C8 Biologie 4 Bernard Drévillon,
Benoît Gabrielle
CHI661C Chemical Storage of Energy PA - C6 Chimie 4 Didier Dalmazzone AN3-P1
CHI661L Renewable Thermal Energy PA - C8 Chimie 4 Didier Dalmazzone AN3-P2
ECO564 Economics of Energy Sectors PA - C3B Economie 4 Tanguy Janssen AN3-P2
ECO567A Energy Economics with a Geography Focus PA - C8 Economie 4 Geoffrey Masters Barrows AN3-P2
ECO663 The Economics of Energy and Sustainable Development PA - C8 4 Yannick Perez AN3-P2
English-Week English-Week Langues 2 AN3-P1
FLE-Week FLE-Week Langues 2 AN3-P1
INF569 Decision theory, with applications to energy systems PA - C1 Informatique UE d'approfondissement, UE de base. 4 Claudia D'Ambrosio AN3-P2
LAN576FLE Cours de FLE -MASTERS/PEI - Session 1 Langues Langues 2 Julie André,
Djamila Cherbal
MEC652F Wind Power PA - C8 Mécanique 4 AN3-P1
MEC661H Fluid-structure Couplings in Offshore Wind and Marine Ren... PA - C8 Mécanique 4 Luc Pastur AN3-P2
MEC662 Hydro, Wind and Marine Resources PA - C6 Mécanique 4 Alexandre Stegner AN3-P2
MEC665 Sea States, Wave Propagation, and Ocean Wave Energy PA - C8 Mécanique 4 AN3-P2
MEC666 Climate Change and Energy Transition PA - C8 Mécanique 4 Philippe Drobinski AN3-P2
MIE562 Case Studies on Innovation PA - C4B Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat 4 Philippe Ginier-Gillet AN3-P2
MIE564B Technology-based entrepreneurship and new business creation PA - C8 4 Anna Souakri AN3-P2
PHY558B Physics and Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices PA - C4B Physique 4 Erik Johnson AN3-P1
PHY558BT Physics and Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices - Tutorat Tutorat Physique AN3-P1
PHY559B Power Electrical Engineering for Renewable Energy PA - C3B Physique 4 Yvan Bonnassieux,
Martin Hennebel
PHY652B Organic-based materials for the 3rd generation of solar c... PA - C7 Physique 4 Gael Zucchi AN3-P1
PHY657 Modeling the energy and climate transitions PA - C6B Physique 0 Jean-François Guillemoles AN3-P1
PHY661A Thin-Film Photovoltaics (PV II) PA - C3 Physique 4 Pere Roca I Cabarrocas AN3-P2
PHY661B Photovoltaic Technologies in Industry (PV Ind) PA - C8 Physique 4 Erik Johnson AN3-P2
PHY661I Smart Grid for Renewable Energy PA - C8 Physique 4 Jordi Badosa,
Yvan Bonnassieux
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