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Master - CLimat, Environnement, Applications et Recherche - Water, Air, Pollution and Energy


Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Credit Ects Volume horaire Responsables Periode de programmation Site pédagogique
ECO567A Energy Economics with a Geography Focus PA - C8 Economie 3 Geoffrey Masters Barrows AN3 - P2
ECO663 The Economics of Energy and Sustainable Development PA - C8 3 Olivier Massol,
Yannick Perez,
Jean-Pierre Ponssard,
Boris Solier,
Thomas Veyrenc
AN3 - P2
MEC558 Continental Hydrology and Water Resources PA - C5 Mécanique 3 Jérôme Fortin AN3 - P1
MEC559 Mechanics for Wind Energy, an introduction PA - C2B Mécanique 3 Riwal Plougonven AN3 - P1
MEC565 Meteorology and Environment PA - C2B Mécanique 3 Thomas Dubos AN3 - P2
MEC651 Instabilities and Control of Shear Flows PA - C8 Mécanique David Quéré,
Denis Sipp
MEC651H Marine Renewable Energies PA - C8 Mécanique 3 Luc Pastur AN3 - P1
MEC654 Turbulence Dynamics PA - C1 Mécanique 3 Laurent Jacquin,
David Quéré
MEC655A Energetics of the Climate System - an Overview of Atmosph... PA - C8 Mécanique 3 Hervé Le Treut AN3 - P1
MEC655B Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Challenges and Observations PA - C8 Mécanique 3 Cyril Crevoisier AN3 - P1
MEC655C Introduction to Atmospheric Composition: from Processes t... PA - C3B Mécanique 3 Sylvain Mailler AN3 - P1
MEC655D Sea States, Wave Propagation, and Ocean Wave Energy PA - C8 Mécanique 3 Marissa Yates-Michelin AN3 - P1
MEC655E Coastal Hydrodynamics PA - C8 3 Alexandre Stegner AN3 - P1
MEC655F Radiative transfers in the atmosphere PA - C8 3 Cyril Crevoisier
MEC655G Atmospheric chemistry and air-quality: Processes and mode... PA - C8 3 AN3 - P1
MEC655H Physical Oceanography PA - C8 3
MEC655I Models and their main properties PA - C8 3
MEC655J Clouds, Aerosols and precipitations PA - C8 3 AN3 - P1
MEC655K General circulation of the atmosphere PA - C8 3 AN3 - P1
MEC655L Biogeochemical cycles and interactions with the biosphere... PA - C8 3 AN3 - P1
MEC655M Meso-Scale boundary layer meteorology PA - C8 3 AN3 - P1
MEC662 Hydro, Wind and Marine Resources PA - C5B Mécanique Alexandre Stegner AN3 - P2
MEC666 Climate Change and Energy Transition PA - C8 Mécanique 3 Philippe Drobinski,
Alexis Tantet
AN3 - P2
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