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Etape de composition - GD-STEEM-S3 : GD STEEM - Semestre 3

Composition du parcours

  • BIO652,
  • CHI661C,
  • HFC555,
  • HFC652,
  • HFC655,
  • HFC657,
  • HFC658,
  • MEC652F,
  • MEC655A,
  • MEC655B,
  • MEC655C,
  • MEC661H,
  • MIE669,
  • PHY630,
  • PHY652B

Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
BIO652 Nature-based Solutions to Substitute Fossil Resources and... PA - C8 Bernard Drévillon,
Benoît Gabrielle
CHI661C Chemical Storage of Energy PA - C6 Didier Dalmazzone
HFC555 Economic Sociology PA - C8 Olivier Pilmis
HFC652 Building the French Nation under Conflicting Identities PA - C8 Nicolas Roussellier
HFC655 Economic Sociology PA - C8 Olivier Pilmis
HFC657 Introduction to Political Philosophy: Philosophy of Work PA - C8 Maël Pégny
HFC658 EU Governance and Policies: Focus on Research and Innovat... PA - C8 Lilian Cadet
MEC652F Wind Power PA - C8
MEC655A Energetics of the Climate System - an Overview of Atmosph... PA - C8 Hervé Le Treut
MEC655B Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Challenges and Observations PA - C8 Cyril Crevoisier
MEC655C Introduction to Atmospheric Composition: from Processes t... PA - C8 Sylvain Mailler
MEC661H Fluid-structure Couplings in Offshore Wind and Marine Ren... PA - C8 Olivier Doare
MIE669 Designing Projects and Managing Operations in the Energy ... PA - C8 Jean-Michel Gauthier
PHY630 Physics Refresher Course PA - C8 Bernard Drévillon
PHY652B Polymers for Photovoltaics (Org PV) PA - C7 Gilles Horowitz,
Gael Zucchi
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