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Stages - ECO591 : Research Project or Internship at a Company

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The objective of this option is to provide students internship opportunities to apply microeconomic theory to practice. The students are expected to:

  • deliver application of microeconomic theory into practice in a public or private institution, or
  • conduct microeconomic research at an academic institution.

The main focus of this option is on microeconomic analysis, and therefore internship at a regular business consulting firm is not accepted, unless a significant amount of analysis based on microeconomic theory is provided.

Department of Economics has some relationships with firms, public institutions, or research institutions in which you can engage into an internship at, for example:

  • evaluate public policies (e.g. antitrust policies) by providing estimations on welfare consequences
  • study impacts of certain policies in competitive industries (e.g. policies related to climate changes)
  • use microeconomic tools to provide analysis on consumer demand and provide counterfactual estimations on different sales scenarios
  • study optimization of production distribution system, using tools in operations research
  • evaluate asset management policies, particularly in the context of socially responsible investment policy
  • pilot a research and development project within a company and /or with external partners
  • etc.

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