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PA - C8 - CHI566 : Water Treatment

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Wastewater treatment

The aim of this module is to provide an overview of technologies for wastewater, industrial and drinkable water treatment. It gives the fundamental notions in terms of current legislation, technologies (overview of main processes, monitoring and optimization systems). In addition to seminar teachings, practical work will provide students the basics in terms of design of wastewater and sludge treatment lines. Visits of full-scale wastewater treatment plants are planned.


Teaching staff

- Yannick Fayolle, Research Engineer, INRAE

- Ahlem Filali, Researcher, INRAE

- Jean-Jacques Pernelle, Research Director, INRAE

- Valentina Lazarova, Research Engineer, Suez

- Pierre Mandel, Research engineer, VEDIF

- Marie Maurel, Project Manager, ENDETEC

- Guillaume Darrac, Engineer, Eaux de Paris


Course outline


Bioprocesses for municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery

  • “Introduction to wastewater treatment” block

- Overview of the current legislation in terms of wastewater treatment

- Impacts on receiving environment

- Chemistry of wastewater

  • “Processes for wastewater treatment” block

- Basics and principles of microbial ecology and microbiology applied to wastewater treatment

- Overview of main processes of the wastewater treatment line

- General principles of process monitoring and control

  • “Processes for sludge treatment and resource recovery” block

- Overview of the main processes of the sludge treatment line

- Spreading of sludge: current legislation and general principles

  • “Design of a wastewater treatment and resource recovery facility” block

- Basics and principles of design of wastewater and sludge treatment lines

- Practical work on design of an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant



The module includes 26 hours of courses, 10 hours of practical work and 4 hours of site visit.


Level required: Basic knowledge of chemical engineering and biology

Language: English

Credits ECTS: 6

Supervisor: Yannick Fayolle

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