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HSS - Cours - HSS211 : Politics of the Ecological Mutation

Domaine > Humanités et sciences sociales.


Politics of the Ecological Mutation shall be divided into three main "chapters".


The first chapter will be a synthetic presentation of the ecological mutation and the events that led to it (scientific evidence on climate change, biodiversity extinction and resources; nature of the change we are facing; socioeconomic inequalities; climate as an old question; a long list of warnings from the 19th to the 20th century; the great acceleration of the 1970s; the age of the Anthropocene; critical perspective on collapsologie and survivalism). 


Next, we will develop a deeper understanding of this mutation through the study of seven different issues (the search for happiness; facts, beliefs and truth; democratic crisis; wars and conflicts: cities: catastrophes and disasters; science and knowledge).


Finally, we will change to a perspective on the cultural dimension of the ecological mutation, in literature, movies and arts.


Through this course, students will gain a better understanding of the ecological mutation and why it is so specific, acquire knowledge of a few key concepts that they can use as tools to reinforce their “critical mind” and improve their ability to argue and express themselves.


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