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HSS - Cours - HSS102 : Geopolitics of Cyberspace

Domaine > Humanités et sciences sociales.


The aim of the course is to approach a wide variety of subjects related to geopolitics and cybersecurity, cyber defense and cyberspace. To understand the intricate relationships between these concepts, the course studies their definition and the changing meaning of these words in both space and time. We will first address the question of the evolving nature of geopolitics as a method and as a historically changing field of study, but also a renowned tool of geopolitical studies: maps. We will then apply geopolitics to the complex concept of cyberspace through multiple case studies.

The course also reviews the many aspects of cyberspace and cybersecurity where States are not the central actor. The emergence of numerous private actors also raises questions in the political field (Internet giants and their relationships to governments or the EU) and in the military and defense domains (non-State actors including terrorist groups, and their role in cyber conflicts).

After this overview, the course will cover specific and detailed case studies in order to analyze the interactions between geopolitical conflicts and the specificities of cyberspace: disinformation, "geopolitics of infrastructures", and the geopolitical dimension of the so-called emerging technologies.

This course is not open to International Exchange program students

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This course is not open to International Exchange program students

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