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Master - Molecular Chemistry and Interfaces


Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Credit Ects Volume horaire Responsables Periode de programmation Site pédagogique
CHI656 Main Group Chemistry Cours scientifique Chimie Didier Bourissou,
Yvan Six
CHI664A Asymmetric Synthesis Cours courts Chimie Jérôme Hannedouche,
Yvan Six
CHI664B Radical Chemistry and Its Applications Cours courts Chimie Yvan Six
CHI664C Heterochemistry Cours courts Chimie Didier Bourissou,
Yvan Six
CHI664D Heterocyclic Chemistry Cours courts Chimie Yvan Six
CHI664E Retrosynthetic analysis / application to the synthesis of... Cours courts Chimie Yvan Six
CHI665A Theoretical Approaches to Transition Metal Compounds Cours courts Chimie 1.2 Gilles Frison,
Corinne Gosmini
CHI665B Coordination Chemistry Cours courts Chimie 1.2 Corinne Gosmini,
Nicolas Mézailles
CHI665C Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry Cours courts Chimie Corinne Gosmini,
Yvan Six
CHI665E Organometallics and metal-catalyzed coupling reactions (L... Cours courts Chimie 1.2 Audrey Auffrant,
Corinne Gosmini
CHI665F Catalysis for energy efficiency and sustainability in the... Cours courts Chimie 1.2 Thibault Cantat,
Corinne Gosmini
CHI666A Supramolecular Chemistry Cours courts Chimie 1.67 Gregory Nocton,
David Touboul
CHI666B Molecular Modeling of Large Molecules Cours courts Chimie 1.67 Carine Clavaguera
CHI666C Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry Cours courts Chimie 1.67 Laurent Bouteiller
CHI666F Radical Chemistry and its applications PA - C8 1.2
CHI666G Heterochemistry PA - C8 1.2
CHI666H Heterocycles applied to Agrochemistry PA - C8 1.2
CHI666I Retrosynthesis / Strategies and tactics for the synthesis... PA - C8 1.2
CHI666J Organic /Inorganic Architectures Cours scientifique Chimie Thierry Gacoin
CHI666K Quantum Chemical Approaches to Organic and Organometallic... Cours courts Chimie Gilles Frison
CHI667A Medicinal Chemistry Cours courts Chimie Jacques-Alexis Funel,
Fabien Gagosz
CHI667B Chemical Biology / Biopolymers Cours courts Chimie Boris Vauzeilles
CHI667C Bioinorganic Chemistry Cours courts Chimie Frédéric Avenier
CHI667D Biopolymers Cours courts Chimie Pierre-Yves Renard
CHI667E Photocontrol of biological processes PA - C8
CHI667F From molecule to optoelectronic devices PA - C8 1.67 Abderrahim Yassar,
Gael Zucchi
CHI667G Switchable molecular materials PA - C8 1.67
CHI667H Conducting molecular materials PA - C8 1.67 Narcis Avarvari
CHI668B Catalysis for Energy, Efficiency, & Sustainability Cours courts Chimie 1.2 Thibault Cantat
CHI669A Literature Project / Sujet Biblio PA - C8 5
CHI669B Literature Project / Projet bilibo recherche PA - C8
STGM2 Stage M2 Stages Mathématiques appliquées Rémi FLAMARY,
Eric Moulines,
Nizar Touzi
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