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Langues - LAN463eANG : MA3 - A Sustainable World - B2C1


The environmental and social challenges that face humanity in the 21st century have been clearly laid out by the United Nations. We are aware of the threats to the environment and know that we can all play our part by trying to reduce our carbon footprint, by consuming responsibly and by spreading the message that our world is in danger if we do not act.

In this class, we will focus on what is needed, on projects that are working towards a sustainable world, on innovation and ideas, large and small. We’ll look at mitigating climate change, at protecting biodiversity, at educating citizens and at trying to find a balance between the ambitions of humanity and the limits of our marvellous planet.

The aim of this class is to explore and discuss issues, to speak freely, however much or little you know already about this crucial subject. Language-wise, we will read and listen, write and speak, with the dominant focus being on speaking. You will practise expressing yourselves with suitable vocabulary and strong, clear sentences.

There will be student presentations, debates, discussions, language games, quizzes, documentaries and articles. You will be expected to participate actively, to do preparatory work outside class (such as watching videos, reading articles and doing internet research) and to submit two short written assignments. You will be free to choose the subject of your group presentation according to your interests and to suggest particular topics for us to look at together in class.

I’m looking forward to sharing our visions, hopes and plans for a more sustainable world.

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