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In this course, we will think critically and write creatively. We’ll analyze the sociopsychological functions of fairy tales, ghost stories and other delightful folklore. Is Little Red Riding Hood simply a cautionary, moralistic tale? Or are there farther-reaching, psychological, existential or anthropological elements that have contributed to its persistence in Western culture? Why do we find ghost and horror stories so compelling? These may be endemic to our culture, or perhaps they indicate something about the human condition more broadly….

We’ll also try our hand at creative writing – creating spooky stories, fable and lore in our own little corner of the world.

Objectifs pédagogiques

The course's main aims are

- to broaden understanding of literary responses to historical and political events within the English-speaking world

- to heighten an awareness of English linguistic structures and literary devices, the ideas they connote and the behaviour they promote

- to enrichen vocabulary and grammatical comprehension through reading and creative and analytical writing.

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