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Cours scientifique - PHY101 : Physics I: Mechanics and Heat

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Physics I (PHY101) introduces students to basis concepts in mechanics and thermodynamics. It first covers point-like and simple solids in various coordinate
systems; while providing an overview of the fundamental law of dynamics, kinetic
and potential energy, linear and angular momentum; central and conservative
forces and mechanical work. Harmonic oscillators, resonance, and one dimensional
waves are studied in this context. Kinetic theory of ideal gas introduces
the basic thermodynamic concepts: heat, temperature, entropy, efficiency, state
variables for closed system. Upon completion of this course, students will master
basic equations and principles in classical mechanics and thermodynamics and will
be able to derive and solve simple models taken from their environment.

For this course, students can request to have a Pass/Fail grade instead of a letter grade. Students who receive a Pass grade still benefit from the ECTS credits associated
to the course but their grade does not count towards calculating their GPA. Students
can make such a request for a maximum of two courses during Semester 1.

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