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Langues - LEN_51519_EP : C1/C2 - Finance


Capital & Market Finance

The purpose of this course is to provide a detailed study of numerous aspects of international financial markets, including but not limited to, sovereign bond and interest rate markets, asset management, corporate finance, foreign exchange, commodity markets and the financing of energy transition.

We will start with an overview of understanding financial markets, its’ products and terminology. The premise of the class is that it is  of crucial importance,  even (especially !) for those of you who do not necessarily wish to follow careers in finance, that you  should have a sound understanding of finance. This knowledge, I believe, will be of primordial importance in your future professional careers and private projects.

Financial markets when viewed from the exterior can seem improbably complex and indeed this is a complex subject matter, but our objective is de-mystification. I will be expecting active participation during class both with questions and comments as well as group presentations on assigned subject matter. Previous knowledge of financial markets is not obligatory but your enthusiasm and willingness to learn is !

My background is 30 years of professional experience in institutional sales and trading, dealing in  foreign exchange, commodities, listed derivatives and cash equity; my “day job”, when not teaching, is in interest rate and equity derivatives trading for a French bank.

Am looking forward to meeting you all !

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