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Linear algebra (MAA101) is a fast-paced course which provides students with an overview of the most useful techniques of linear algebra. Upon completion of this course, students will fully understand the fundamental concepts of vector spaces, dimension, linear systems, matrices and determinants, and how they apply to problems in other elds of the Bachelor program.

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Numérique sur 20

Littérale/grade américain

Pour les étudiants du diplôme Bachelor of Science de l'Ecole polytechnique

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This is a preliminary version: the teaching team will very likely change next year.

The exam and midterm are in open book format: all the documents available on Moodle are allowed during the exam and midterm. No other document is allowed.

The grade is computed as a mean of the exam (E), the midterm (M), 2 homeworks (H1 and H2) and shorts tests (T1 and T2). The formula is as follows:

Grade = (50/100)*max(E,(E+M)/2) + (15/100)T1 + (15/100)T2 + (10/100)H1 + (10/100)H2.

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    Programme détaillé

    Real and complex vector spaces, vector subspaces, direct sums of vector subspaces
    Linear span, linear independence, bases, dimension
    Linear maps, null-space, image, isomorphisms, image, linear forms, duality (elementary introduction)
    Matrices and matrix calculus, matrix of a linear map, change of bases
    Determinant of a matrix
    Solving linear systems, geometric interpretation

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