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Langues - LEN_51412_EP : LU6 - B2/C1/C2 - X-citing the Spark

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You already know how to play a musical instrument, paint or draw, take a photograph that reveals a moment of vital intensity, write a sentence that expresses fresh perception or hidden feelings. Or perhaps you would like to do some of these things, without having tried. You lack the necessary time and space to explore a creative path that is already central to your life, or could be.

In the X-Citing the Spark course, you will have the opportunity to walk on this path. There will be texts to read, images to look at, music to listen to. There will be exercises designed to strike a creative spark inside you. You will be invited to share with others something of your own creative work, as well as telling them about – and writing about - the work of creative artists who have inspired you. Some outings (art exhibits, films) may be organised. Involvement will be key as this class cannot be taken half-heartedly. The experience will be intensely rewarding. In the end, you will have enhanced or re-kindled your artistic practice, but also deepened your analytical and communication skills, as well as broadened the scope of your vocabulary, since writing and/or expressing your views on other people’s artistic work requires a subtlety which can only be reached through the restless search for the right words. 

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