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For this project-class, there are three principal areas of potential student involvement:
Chairing the internal miniMUN (the so-called “learners MUN” for 2A students, which is held every year in late October or early November).
Development, organization, and execution of an “external” miniMUN.
Possible participation in a full conference abroad.
The central project will be the “external” miniMUN, or what I propose to brand FlashMUN, or perhaps altMUN (to be decided with the student team), in order to mark what we are doing as distinct from traditional MUN formats. The participating 3A students will be asked to work together to:
1) Brainstorm and flesh out an alternative to the traditional MUN format – one that is lighter on rules and procedures, faster paced, and more dynamic. In other words, a format that is more “fun.” One of our challenges will be to create a model that is repeatable for easy future use, adaptable to any topic or scenario, and possibly (eventually) exportable. It should combine the cooperative elements of traditional MUN with the livelier spirit of rhetorical jousting and competition debating within a compact format.
2) Write a background guide (which explains the rules, the committee(s), the scenario, the countries or entities involved, etc.).
3) Do test runs of the materials developed.
4) Organize the conference logistics (everything from making/printing/distributing posters,to devising a method for students to register, making and feeding a Facebook page, possiblymaking a short video that explains the format, and so forth). 5) Chair and “animate” the actual conference.
Whatever the format, the flashMUN will be an event intended to bring together students from various schools under the banner of the Ecole polytechnique.

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