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Ever dreamt of becoming a journalist? Join us!



This course focuses on the study of the English-speaking press and press writing.

Using both the written press and the multimedia, it will allow the students a better grasp of the English/American culture and language, and will familiarize them with various accents and the way current issues are dealt with.


The class will start with an introduction to the English-speaking press. Comparing how one subject is dealt with in various publications, we will determine the various types of existing media and what type of information they provide. We will also study their structure (layout, contents, etc…)


In connection to this, students will have to give quick presentations on various media.


To make sure they are up to date with the news, students will be in charge of a weekly press review, which will allow them to improve their oral skills and ability to analyse documents. Each press review will be followed by a debate. Students may also do presentations on specific topical issues they would like to discuss.


We will then concentrate on press writing and study how articles are written (press vocabulary, headlines, structure of articles…). The students will turn into professional journalists and write their own pieces during workshops or as homework.


Students may also have to use their newly acquired skills in front of a camera, which will allow them to be more confident in front of an audience.

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