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Langues - LAN462zANG01 : Britain and France: 1000 Years of Tension and Dissension

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Starting with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 we will explore Anglo- French relations since then, through the conflicts between kings and princes until more recent projects and attempts to live and work together as good neighbours and partners. We will cover the crucial events of the Norman invasion under William the Conqueror, look at how Eleanor of Aquitaine's divorce and remarriage redefined the map of France at the end of  the 12th century, explore some key moments in the Hundred Years War and compare Nelson's and Wellington's careers with Napoleon's. In more recent times we will see attempts to improve relations, and even work together on high-tech projects like Concorde and the Channel Tunnel.

This class is for dynamic students who are prepared to speak and discuss actively. You will be asked to contribute through oral presentations in pairs and individually, and will be evaluated on your participation, on regular written work, and also in a final exam which will test your listening and writing skills.

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