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CFC: some Cultural Facts in a Course

Far from Chlorofluorocarbons that made our planet a Freon pan to cook us all, in this course we will try to review historical, political and sociological facts to get a better grasp of some English-speaking countries and avoid terrible situations that could lead to calling all English speakers English nationals (ouch!).

The course will revolve around 4 main chapters to get to the idea that there is more to a language than words.

  1. The Uk
  2. Ireland
  3. The Commonwealth (quick focus on Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria)
  4. The USA

All English levels welcome. 

Objectifs pédagogiques

Enhance language skills and culture

Format des notes

Numérique sur 20

Littérale/grade réduit

Pour les étudiants du diplôme Diplôme d'ingénieur de l'Ecole polytechnique

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