PA - C3 - MIE564 : Technology-based entrepreneurship and new business creation

Domaine > Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat.


The essence of entrepreneurship is identifying innovative ideas, transforming them into business opportunities, and putting them into practice no matter whether your are working inside an existing company or starting a totally new business. In this course we focus on entrepreneurship/new business creation and how to transform innovative ideas into business opportunities. That is, participants will learn what are the very first things one should do right after an innovative idea has been identified, and before actually committing a lot of resources for the preparation of a comprehensive business plan.

The following themes will be covered:

-          Opportunity identification & Evaluation;
Design Method & Customer Insights;
Value Proposition Design;
Business Model Design;
Resource Acquisitions;
Entrepreneurial Storytelling & Pitching,

The pedagogical approach will favor that participants study real life startup projects to make them experience some of the central entrepreneurial challenges. Theory and case discussions will put students in situations where they have to analyze and discuss solutions to entrepreneurial issues. Preparation, written reports and discussions will also be used to explore understanding and application of core concepts. During this module, participants are asked to analyze an innovative idea using tools and methods presented in the module.

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