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The Master in Economics is jointlyoffe- red by École Polytechnique, ENSAE ParisTech, ENS Cachan, HEC Paris and theUniversityofParisSud.Theobjective of this two-year program is to provide an advanced training in economics to students who want to become professio- nal economists working in government, central banking, international organizations, consulting, and finance or in academicresearch.


The Master in Economics trainsstudents to have a sound expertise in economics. The program heavily relies on advanced quantitative methods for boththeoretical and empirical analysis. In the first year, studentslearnthemaintoolsusedineco- nomicsandtheirmostimportantapplica- tions. This is, by far, the most important year in the training of aneconomist.

Students who choose to stay for the second year will specialize within subfields of economics (finance, games and decision theory, industrial economics, macroeco- nomics, international economics, public economics, labor economics, sustainable development, and econometrics). By the end of that year, they should be familiar with the research frontier within their main area of specialization.

The Master in Economics is entirely taught in English.


Fourth-year opportunities

In France

Corps del’État


Écoles:ENSAEParisTech,MinesParis- Tech, Ponts ParisTech (économie, gestion, finance),HEC.



PhDinEconomics,MasterinFinance, Public Administration, Operations Research.


Career prospects

The Master in Economics provides a sound graduate level training in economics. The following sectors are the examples in career prospects:

Government (ministries, regulation agencies)



Consulting  (management,economics)




Composition du parcours

    ECO592 ECO550 ECO593 ECO591 ECO567A ECO585 ECO589 ECO580 ECO581 ECO511 ECO551 ECO575 ECO561 ECO560 ECO562 ECO576 ECO573 ECO552

Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Volume horaire Responsables Site pédagogique
ECO511 Applied Economics Projects PA - C8 Economie Geoffrey Masters Barrows,
Alessandro Riboni
ECO550 Microeconomics I PA - CJ Economie Emmanuelle Taugourdeau,
Tristan Tomala
ECO551 Macroeconomics I PA - CP Economie Alessandro Riboni
ECO552 Econometrics I PA - C8 Economie Marie-Laure Allain,
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille
ECO560 Microeconomics II PA - CJ Economie Olivier Gossner,
Yukio Koriyama,
Pierre Picard
ECO561 Macroeconomics II PA - CP Economie Jean-Baptiste Michau
ECO562 Econometrics II PA - CK Economie Sébastien Roux,
Anna Simoni,
Arne Uhlendorff
ECO567A Energy Economics with a Geography Focus PA - C8 Economie Geoffrey Masters Barrows
ECO573 Macroeconomic Policy PA - C3B Economie Hubert Kempf
ECO575 European Economics PA - C8 Economie Caroline Vincensini
ECO576 Development Economics PA - C8 Economie Thomas Vendryes
ECO580 Competition Policy PA - C5B Economie Marie-Laure Allain,
David Sévy,
Romain de Nijs
ECO581 Empirical Methods in Environmental Economics PA - C6 Economie Philippe Fontaine
ECO585 Microeconomics for Public Economics PA - C8 Economie Emmanuelle Taugourdeau
ECO589 Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies PA - C8 Economie Marie-Laure Allain,
Julien Prat
ECO591 Research Project or Internship at a Company Stage Economie Thierry Kamionka,
Benoit Schmutz
ECO592 Economie internationale et politique économique PA - C9 Economie Isabelle Mejean
ECO593 Banque - Finance PA - C9 Economie Pierre Picard
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