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This course will provide an overview of the main concepts and methods in social science research.

We will review the process of the scientific approach, as well as the specific qualitative and quantitative methods of research, including ethnographic methods, interviews, surveys, media analysis, comparative and historical methods, and experimental methods.

Additionally, we will also examine the issues related to social science research, such as the questions of values, objectivity, reactivity, and research ethics.


The main objectives of this course are:

  • Provide key concepts and vocabulary related to social science research methods
  • Learn how to formulate research questions and articulate a research design using diverse research methods
  • Utilize key vocabulary and appropriate concepts through research activities and presentations


Some of the issues that will be discussed in class include:

  • Overview of the major concepts for research methods: research design, quantitative methods, qualitative methods
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different research methods
  • Issues in social science research: value-free research, research biases, research ethics

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