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PA - C7 - CHI583 : Frontiers in Chemistry

Domaine > Chimie.


A number of presentations of various topics at the frontiers of chemistry will be given at the beginning of the course.

The students select one topic and, with the help and guidance of a faculty member, carry out a detailed literature survey or an advanced experimental project. In either case, a written report will be submitted at the end of the course in addition to an oral presentation.

Language course: English

Credits ECTS: 4

Format des notes

Numérique sur 20

Littérale/grade réduit

Pour les étudiants du diplôme Diplôme d'ingénieur de l'Ecole polytechnique

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    L'UE est acquise si note finale transposée >= C
    • Crédits ECTS acquis : 5 ECTS
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