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PA - C1 - MAP670B : Advanced Big Data Analytics

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For many decades and in various forms,  Data Analytics has been an “active ingredient” in multiple fields. From electoral gallops and predictive marketing to the study sensor data in particle accelerators, data analytics is ever-present. And, as the amount of information we consume and produce increases daily, the area of Data Analytics has been transformed to take into account massive amounts of diverse data by extending ideas and tools from the “Data Analytics” domain to the Big Data technologies.

In this course we will cover:

  1. Prominent Big Data Technologies (HDFS, Spark, MongoDB,Neo4j ) in theory and application by covering both the crucial architectural aspects of this technologies and exploring their use through various examples in the lab.
  2. The utilization of the Big Data technologies as tools to perform analytics in various data types and sources.
  3. Emerging topics in the area of Big Data Analytics


The course contents and materiasl will be disseminated via the Data Science Master proprietary moodle installation here:


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