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PA - C4B - INF678B : Core IP networks

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This course presents the current evolutions of the IP architecture, focusing on the technologies deployed in carriers or large entreprises.

The course opens on an overview of Internet ecosystem (actors, carriers, OTTs) and some current tensions. It then provides an overall integrated vision of IP network architectures (such as IP routing, MPLS, DiffServ, …) as well as their use in the context of an operational network. The course also provides also a description of prominent  IP traffic engineering procedures used in Core networks. The course aims at providing key rationales for these technologies (why are they deployed ?) and some recommendations on how they are implemented (current « best practice », in particular for traffic engineering).


Course Content in a nutshell:

Intro: Internet Architecture. Current tensions
Internet Routing: BGP, Policy Routing
MPLS: Past (historical intro) and present (current uses), including MPLS-VPN, MPLS-TE.
Quality of Service in IP Networks
Survey of IP Traffic Engineering Tools



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