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Langues - LAN306ENG02 : From short stories to short movies - C1/C2

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Course description:

Students will explore the ins and outs of short stories and short films in different steps:

  • studying short stories as well as fiction filmmaking through the screening of films.
  • screenwriting on specific subjects and situations — from both existing and personal writing material.
  • making a fiction short film accordingly.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Reading: students will become active readers of short novels and appreciate ambiguity and complexity to articulate their own interpretations.
  • Writing skills: students will write short scripts for short films.
  • Oral communication skills: students will demonstrate the skills needed to hopefully act in their own “productions”
  • Critical Approach: students will develop the ability to evaluate their own work according to prerequisites and initial objectives.

Class Format: 

Students will be involved in direct use of the language in participatory, communicative, and interactive classes. Time will mainly be devoted to:

  • analyzing material (reading and viewing activities);
  • confronting ideas and discussing interpretations, approaches and techniques;
  • meetings for discussing group projects.      

Course Content & Material: 

  • Short Stories by Charlie Fish, Russell Golman, Raymond Carver, Ray Bradbury, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Matthew Thomas, Henry James, Annie Proulx, Margaret Atwood…
  • Short films by Martin Scorsese Tim Burton, George Lucas, Adam Davidson, Stephen Daldry, Jim Gillespie, Brian Percival, Christopher Nolan, Simon Ellis, Disney, Pixar…

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