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Langues - LAN574kANG : MA1 - B2/C1 - X-Pression / Short Stories

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Come to this light yet rigorous course and

  • Engage in constant debate on questions of creativity.
  • Sharpen your writing skills, ultimately producing an article for the sixteenth edition of the School’s annual English-language magazine X-Pression. It is likely that you will need to write in English on many occasions in your life – here is an opportunity to hone your words and look closely at what you are doing with them.
  • Examine the ways various writers have tackled the art of writing.
  • Consider your own relationship to literature, as well as other arts including photography, painting, dance, music and theatre.
  • Enjoy yourself. I would like you to come away from this course with a sense that you have not only learnt a lot, but that it has been a pleasure to do so.


Course work includes: reading amazing short fiction and poetry; fun, short creative writing exercises; debate, discussion, collaboration on our publication.

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