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Cours scientifiques - PHY107 : Applied Physics

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Applied Physics (PHY107) provides a
combination of lectures and seminars
with a clear aim to show the link between
advanced engineering and high-level physical/
mathematical education.
The course will cover selected questions
based on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics,
optics, electricity and magnetism.
Background obtained during courses of
general physics and mathematics will be
used to understand the principles of rocket
propulsion, engines for hypersonic
flights, peculiarities of mass-spectrometry
in physics/chemistry and biology, the link
between optical spectroscopy, molecular
analysis and quantum mechanics etc. As
a result of the course, students should be
able to look at applied physics problems
combining deep knowledge in mathematics
and physics and to be able to formulate
to resolve a set of estimates giving the
idea about mechanisms involved in the
considered phenomena.

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