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Do you need to develop your speaking skills? Are you interested in politics, history and culture? Then this is the course for you.

We will first read model speeches—political or motivational, in real life or in fiction—and discuss their literary and linguistic contents, together with their historical contexts.

You will then learn how to write your own speech.  We’ll examine good strategies to develop a motivational talk or a debate, as well as a personal pitch or a best man’s speech.

The main objective is to learn how to deliver a speech. From reproduction to production, this will be the perfect opportunity to work on your creativity, pronunciation and oral practice at large.


Here are a few examples of material we will use in class.

1) Major political speeches in the UK and the US:

- Churchill, Thatcher, Blair

- Lincoln, JFK, MLK, Obama

2) Great speeches in movies

- The King’s speech

- Twelve Angry Men

- V for Vendetta

- Four Weddings and a Funeral

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