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PA - C8 - MIE669 : Designing Projects and Managing Operations in the Energy Industry

Domaine > Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat.


Lecturer: Jean-Michel Gauthier

The energy industry is facing an ongoing revolution which affects the business model of most players in the energy industry and will ultimately change the global competitive landscape. In this context, the acquisition of excellence in the project design and management of operations is a prerequisite for reducing risks, achieving optimal capital cost and sustainable profitability. Energy infrastructure projects are capital-intensive, long-lead development and long life operations which need to be resilient in a variety of economic and price conditions. Their contractual and financial structure which is aimed at allocating the risk to the most appropriate “risk-taker” is the focus of considerable attention during the development process of a large energy infrastructure, be it a nuclear, oil & gas or renewable energy project. Energy contract negotiation, project architecture and financial structuring form an essential set of skills and competences for anyone who aspires to move to an executive position in the energy industry, whether with an engineering background or otherwise. This module will provide the basic terminology, concepts and quantitative tools for defining, analyzing and mitigating project risks and project development and management in the energy sector. As such it is expected: i) to allow participants to develop the best understanding of market and business risks in the energy industry; ii) to help participants develop an awareness of the major operational, economic and financial issues of a project in the energy sector and to provide them with a set of instruments to successfully address these issues and - ultimately, iii) to develop the best command of how to protect infrastructure projects and energy operations against those risks.

Langue du cours : Anglais

Credits ECTS : 4

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