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PA - C8 - ECO567B : Traffic and Transportation Systems in Urban Contexts

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ECO 567b Traffic and Transportation systems in urban contexts


Aurore Remy (TSS, Aimsun); Zoi Christoforou (Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport, ENPC)



The level of traffic in cities has increased significantly over the last decades. Such level of trafic has a considerable impact on the quality of life for all citizens and economic growth.

 Balancing the demand for increasing personal mobility and economic growth, with the need to respect the environment is a real challenge. The link between transportation networks and economics is manifold both at the macro and micro level. Value flows on the transport network are capitalized into land values, economic recessions stall the mobility of people and goods, higher-income households travel more frequently, and so on.



The objective of this course is to discuss those aspects and provide a set of tools and possible solutions for different urban settings.


I- 4-step modeling


II- Fundamentals on traffic systems


III- Active traffic management strategies


IV- Traffic simulation (Aimsun software)


V- Cost-benefit analysis: a powerful tool for decision makers

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