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PA - C2 - PHY662C : Physical Chemistry of low dimensional materials

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This course aims in providing the background for understanding the properties of low dimensional materials. It will address structure/property relationships with direct link to real systems and elaboration issues. Focus will be made on the main parameters governing the properties of these systems such as those related to size, morphology, surface state and spatial organization. The course also aims in providing numerous examples of practical issues taken from academic research or industrial applications.

- Surfaces and interfaces :

                - substrates : chemical structure and preparation
                - chemical modification of surfaces
                - SAM – Self assembled monolayers

- Nanocrystals

                - Basic properties and applications of nanocrystals
                - elaboration issues (including nano-heterostructures)
                - shape control and impact on properties
                - materials from nanocrystals
                - self organization of nanocrystals : supracrystals and mineral liquid crystals

- 2D materials materials

                  - General overview of layered materials
                  - Physical chemistry of graphene and derivatives
                  - 2D chalcogenides
                  - MX-ènes preparation and properties
                  - manipulation of 2D materials, assembly into heterostructures

- Functionnal hybrid organic/inorganic coatings

                 - liquid route deposition processes
                 - speciality polymers   
                 - sol-gel chemistry of hybrid organic/inorganic compounds
                 - patterning : chemistry of conventional and soft lithography
                 - Nanostructured coatings from low dimensional nano-objects


This course aims in being understandable by any student having a very basic background in solid state physics and a very slight background or some curiosity in materials chemistry.

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