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Cours scientifiques - ECO532 : Introduction to STATA

Domaine > Economie.


This crash course is intended to introduce students to the statistical software Stata. The goal is to teach students how to implement simple data science projects on Stata and where to look for for more advanced uses.

We will cover the basics of the software and focus on data wrangling, producing descriptive statistics and running regressions. If time permits, we will also learn how to use local and global variables.

At the end of the course the student will know:

  • how to work with Stata
  • where to look for for more advanced uses


and they will be able to:

  • run some statistical analyses with Stata

Format des notes

Numérique sur 20

Littérale/grade réduit

Pour les étudiants du diplôme M1 en Economie

Pour les étudiants du diplôme MScT-Data and Economics for Public Policy (DEPP)

L'UE est acquise si note finale transposée >= C
  • Crédits ECTS acquis : 1 ECTS

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