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Course description:


This dynamic, fun and interactive course provides you with the opportunity to develop your English communication skills with a focus on diversity. This engaging journey will take you on a linguistic adventure around the globe, where you will discover the rich tapestry of English as it is spoken and understood in different regions and cultures of the English-speaking world. We will work on improving your oral and written expression and comprehension through diverse themes such as culture, sports, tourism, news and current affairs…

We will stand you on good stead for your future studies as well as the upcoming Linguaskill language test. Teaching methods will include group work, speaking activities, language games and presentations. You will be expected to participate actively in class and to complete homework tasks.



Learning Outcomes:


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

-  Communicate effectively in everyday situations, expressing themselves clearly and coherently on a wide range of topics,

- Develop cultural awareness and understanding, gaining insight into English-speaking cultures and customs,

- Write coherent and structured speeches and texts, including emails, essays, and reports, with improved grammar and vocabulary,

- Successfully prepare for the Linguaskill test.



Teaching Methods:


Oral participation is a must!

Reading comprehension and fun grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Pair and group work, for written and oral activities.

Oral presentations and/or speeches.

Expect some homework.





Continuous assessment:

participation, engagement, motivation and progression are key. In-class oral presentations as well as written work will also be assessed.

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