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Langues - LAN433bANG01 : VE1 - B1B2 - Speaking with Confidence and Accuracy

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Course description: Do you lack confidence when you use your English? Do you hesitate to speak up for fear of making mistakes? Do you need to review some grammar points or enrich your vocabulary? If so, this course is for you! We will concentrate on improving your spoken English, getting rid of those language errors and pronunciation problems.

 Learning Outcomes: Linguistic objectives: to use and develop English language skills through speaking activities, listening comprehension, discussion, role-play, oral presentations, vocabulary acquisition and, where necessary, correction and revision of grammar, adapted to the needs of the student.

Transversal skills: defending opinions, convincing, negotiating, adapting to others, feeling at ease in a multicultural environment, public speaking, presenting.

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Pour les étudiants du diplôme Diplôme d'ingénieur de l'Ecole polytechnique

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    Programme détaillé

    Class Format: One weekly class of 2 hours; 10 classes; 8th March – 24th May 2019.

    Course Content and Material: Oral expression: language games, fluency development exercises, discussion and debate, role-play

    Oral comprehension: exercises to improve understanding of authentic English – audio and video recordings, especially those where the speaker speaks fast or with a strong accent

    Pronunciation: error correction, exercises, and recording your voice

    Vocabulary acquisition: enriching your expression by using more sophisticated vocabulary and sentence structures; work on collocations and everyday language

    Grammar correction, revision and exercises (oral and written)

    As far as possible, the course content will be flexible and tailor-made to the needs of the students enrolled.

    Teaching Methods:

    Speaking activities in pairs and in small groups; one-to-one ‘interviews’ with the teacher; full-group discussions; individual and mini-group presentations in front of the class; listening comprehension with questions; grammar and vocabulary exercises. We aim for a dynamic, participative class with a positive, encouraging atmosphere. The key word is PROGRESS!

    Individual Work:

    Students will be expected to participate actively in all class activities and to concentrate on improving their identified weak points. New vocabulary must be assimilated between classes; grammar exercises must be completed. Research and preparation will be needed prior to group and individual presentations.


    Continual assessment of participation, effort, motivation and progression.

    Evaluation of oral presentations and other exercises given by the student individually and in a group.

    Listening comprehension exercises.

    Grammar and vocabulary exercises to promote accuracy.

    This course is reserved for students of lower levels (B1 to B2) who are particularly determined to improve their English language skills. Oral participation and serious motivation are especially important.

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    Expression orale, présentations
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