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This course is designed to introduce students to the land down under by focusing on a selection of historical and political moments that have shaped Australia as a nation: Captain Cook and the Endeavour (1770), The First Fleet (penal colony) (1788) and the Comte de la Pérouse, The Myall Creek Massacre (1838), The Gold Rush and riots (1850s), Federation (1901) and the Commonwealth of Australia, The Stolen Generation (1910-1970) and the 2008-government apology, Australia’s immigration policies, Australia’s 1999-referendum (establishment of a Republic) and Constitutional Recognition for Indigenous Australians. It is also designed to introduce students to Australia through the arts and culture: Aboriginal painting and culture, films (e.g GallipoliRabbit-Proof FenceThe Castle) poetry (e.g. Les Murphy) and literature (e.g. Arthur Upfield, Patrick White) music, (e.g. Midnight Oil, Australian hip hop), theatre (e.g. Daniel Keene), sport (e.g. AFL, cricket, netball) and more, if we have time.

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