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PA - C8 - BIO652 : Nature-based Solutions to Substitute Fossil Resources and Address Global Warming

Domaine > Biologie.


Nature-based solutions to substitute fossile resources and address global change


Lecturer: Benoît Gabrielle - Agro-ParisTech

Natural ecosystems and the services they provide are a key to address current environmental challenges, such as climate change, the preservation of air and water quality, and the transition toward a low-carbon economy. Engineering these services via the management of ecosystems, land-use planning or the integration of plants in urban environments can « pave the way towards a more resource efficient, competitive and greener economy » (EU Research Agenda, 2015). Nature-based solutions include for example the production of bio-based alternatives to fossile-based products, the mitigation of heat waves in cities via the presence of vegetation, the enhacement of carbon storage in ecosystems or the management of watersheds to reduce flood risks.

The aim of the course is to raise the awareness of these solutions, with a particular focus on biomass production and transformation into fuels, materials and chemicals to substitute fossile resources, and to equip them with key concepts and know-hows on the design and assessment of such solutions. The course will provide students with a detailed understanding of the issues associated with the development of nature-based solutions to meet our needs for food and energy, mitigate climate change or air pollution, and methods to their sustainability along the environmental and economic dimensions.


Langue du cours : Anglais

Credits ECTS : 4

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