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Since the 1970s, Britain has led the world in the art of communication and the promotion of brand images.  We are all a brand now with an image to promote. So this class will be examining the unique way the British have of promoting themselves, be it the media, advertising, or artists and their work.

How does its advertising differ from the French and even the American model?  To what extent is British culture – its humour, its desires, its taboos – reflected in its advertising?

The major part of the course will focus on this socio-cultural aspect by looking at the most inventive and original advertisements from the 1970s to the modern day, all the while giving students the linguistic tools and marketing techniques necessary to both understand and reproduce the language of advertising and commercial art.

Course Materials:

-       Extensive viewing and analysis of magazine, TV, viral and guerilla advertising

-       A booklet of relevant articles and class work exercises for each student

 Course Assessment:

 Students will be required to submit the following:

-       a presentation on a given advertising topic, making full use of visual material

-       varied and creative written work in the field of advertising

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