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PA - C8 - PHY661K : Advanced Experimental Smart Grid

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The development of Smart-Grids is expected to come from the aggregation of basic low voltage power supply networks, known as micro-grids, which associate local energy production with storage capacities and energy consumers. Micro-grids restricted to a single building are often called "Nano-grids" and are also getting attention as the building block of a micro-grid.  Such Nano-grids are vulnerable to both sudden changes of power generation and load demand because of their small size, especially when operating in an island mode. Thus, managing uncertainty becomes essential when searching for an optimal Nano-grid operation.

The students will experience on a small-size Nano-grid model installed in Ecole Polytechnique campus, (Renewables sources, battery, controlled load, intelligent monitoring, …).  This structure has the particularity that two components are emulated with controlled electronic devices: the secondary power source, which replaces the role of an engine-generator (in case of an off-grid scenario) or the electric utility power, and the load, which replaces a real power demand from appliances and consumer actions. The electric parameters (intensity, voltage, power) for all components, as well as air/panel temperatures, are available in real-time and also from historical recordings.

 By example, the experimental project can be:

  • The analysis of historical data so to evaluate the performance of Nano-grid for different types of days, consumption scenarios and management strategies.
  • The evaluation of live Nano-grid performance through manual operation, by adjusting the target loads, the optimization EMS parameters and the input power.
  • The development of new energy management system or new algorithm.
  • The integration of new renewable sources in the Nano-grid.
  • ...........

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