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PA - C5B - MIE565 : Managing sustainable innovation

Domaine > Management, Innovation et Entrepreneuriat.


The grand challenges humanity faces such as climate change water scarcity, biodiversity loss, poverty, or inequality amongst others, put increasing pressure on different organizations to develop solutions to tackle them. Multiple organizations, including businesses, focus on opportunities, namely innovations centered on sustainable development. However, tackling such complex and multidimensional challenges is not straightforward and requires overcoming internal and external barriers (e.g., adopting new processes or reframing existing ones, collaborating with a variety of actors, developing a systems perspective).  

This course explores the role innovation can play in sustainable development in different settings, namely industrialized and developing countries. In this course, we uncover the what, the why and the how of sustainability-oriented innovation in a route that leads us to explore innovation for sustainability for different Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).    

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