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Langues - LAN483eANG : MA3 - Human Rights - C1C2 - LAN483eANG01


‘All Human Beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’ (Art 1. UDHR), but are these fundamental rights norms, universal and binding for all the world’s states?  In this course, we shall explore critical issues concerning human rights – right to life (euthanasia), liberty of expression, gender equality, unfair trials, freedom of movement, sexual harassment, child soldiers in armed conflict, discrimination … to name a few!  Individual and Group Assessment during the course will challenge students to discover more about non-governmental organisations: Amnesty International’s advocacy, lobbying, campaigns and action; Oxfam’s vision of creating a fairer world without poverty; Greenpeace’s manifesto for individual and collection action. This course aims at nurturing more Food for Thought and kindling open debate on issues that affect the world at large.

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